Our Consulting Services

At CDEng we deliver customized solutions in aquaculture engineering. Our experienced team provide consultancy services for all aspects of the design. We can assist your organization through all the phases of an aquaculture life-cycle, from concept development and selection stages, through engineering and detail design, equipment selection, sizing and vendor selection as well as construction follow-up, quality assurance, commissioning and start-up. We also offer services for the daily operations of aquaculture, where we can assist with such activities as production optimization, debottlenecking studies, expansion design and trouble shooting.

We have ready-made service packages, where we, or people from your team, can use our ready-made engineering tools for optimization or troubleshooting. The products are readily available online through our web tools platform (CDEng-tools®).

Selection of Equipment

  • Technology selection:
    • Filtration - drum and sand filters
    • Fish holding tanks
    • Piping and valves
    • Pumps and pump sumps/pits
    • Aeration, degassing and oxygenation
    • UV and ozone
    • Feeding systems
    • Bio stages (MBR/MBBR/fluidized sand)
    • Packaging and storage
    • Cooling and freezing
    • Waste handling - Sludge and fish waste
  • Equipment sizing
  • Procurement specifications and support
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Return on investment, estimation and recommendations
  • Sensors selection (pH, temperature, REDOX/ORP, turbidity, color, transmittance, dissolved ozone, Ozone in air (alarm), conductivity, ion-specific, etc)
  • Automation and process control, philosophy and design
  • Laboratory design and setup, water analysis kits, etc
  • Operational documents and protocols