Our Employees

Our consultants are well educated with everything from a civil engineering background to a Ph.D. technology doctor background. Our consultants are fully committed to your business and are used to high-speed and stressful environments. They always keep the schedule and always deliver on time. In our clients' daily operations, they can both support and contribute knowledge and skills efficiently.

We and our consultants look for the long-term cooperation between us and you as a customer. Today, we have both resource consultants doing daily line work activities and specialists who have developed further and gained new key roles. By delivering solid knowledge and expertise, we help our customers to develop high quality and sustainable solutions.

Our Competence Network

In special cases, where our customers are in need of a very niche expertise, we can, with our large and wide network of specialist recruiters, independent agents, partners and subcontractors, find the right skills to meet your needs.

Industry 4.0

In addition to our expertise in the chemistry and the machinery industry branch, we also have knowledge and competence background within IT which can improve and streamline the life science, pharmaceutical and the process industries by linking together with IOT / Industry 4.0. For example, monitoring, support, customer data collection can take place in the cloud and be operated instantly from one place.