Process Industries

In the process industry, we have extensive experience in construction, plant, piping and engineering applications in several industrial segments, such as the food, oil, metal and nuclear industry. We have experience, competence and methods for work in several engineering disciplines and related functions such as standards for designs, pipe labeling, assembly, building and certifications. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are looking for a certain expertise, if we don’t have it inhouse, we will definitely have it within our large and wide network.

Plant Design and Engineering

At CDEng, you get access to highly qualified engineers with long experience of system design, structural analysis, calculations, design of facilities, project management and business development.

Within construction and design, we have experience from minor jobs, such as detailed-, mechanical-, and electromechanical designs, to major projects such as plant design. We are also well-acquainted with both national and international standards, certifications and regulatory requirements, in these areas.

Our solutions are cost-effective, energy-efficient and in many cases innovative and patentable. The work is done in close cooperation with you to meet your needs by listening and asking questions to gain insight into your challenges and activities.

Pipe Labeling

Work environment signs are an important part of communication for safety in the physical work environment and unlabeled pipes are compatible with high penalty charges. The new provision 2018: 2 Chemical Occupational Safety Hazards is the one that will apply and there is a major change regarding the marking requirements for labeling that everyone must know.

We have experienced staff who have worked with labeling in various industrial segments and we have done work, from minor changes to major projects where we have taken overall responsibility and entire commitments. Many of our customers have avoided high fines and penalties after receiving fast and professional help from us.

The team usually consists of one or more process engineers who review the customer's documentation in form of drawings, instructions, manuals or other available documentation to define the work and create label instructions. The label instructions will then be used by the pipe markers to carry on with the pipe labeling. The pipe labeling can also be done together with a process engineer depending on the complexity.

The marking is made either according to the customer requirements, international or national standard such as SS 741: 2017. We of course also offer services for advice.

We have references from e.g. Cambrex AB, Sandvik AB and Scanacon AB